Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Perk of the job 21/05/12

Perks are very few and far between these days as I am far more desk bound than I used to be. This morning I was out and about for a short while taking water samples in Pennington Flash near Leigh. I took a few snaps with a pocket camera whilst out in the boat and the fine warm weather was a long overdue bonus.
Leigh and Lowton Sailing Club, Pennington Flash, Leigh.

North shore view, Peennington Flash, Leigh

The bouys, Pennington Flash, Leigh

Mark 5, Pennington Flash, Leigh

I didn't get chance to do any birding as such other than seeing a few Common Terns over the lake and a couple of Buzzards high in the sky but a small day flying moth near the car park really caught my eye. There has been little or nothing in the moth trap at home recently and it always amazes me how quickly insects can respond to a change in the weather. Discussion with Chris Darbyshire this evening identified it as Esperia sulpherella, the caterpillars of this species feed on dead wood.

Esperia sulphurella, Pennington Flash, Leigh.
The weather forecast for the week looks good for the moth trap and birds from the east. We will have to wait and see.

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