Sunday, 14 July 2013

Latest recoveries include another Waxwing

The latest batch of recoveries has just been received from the BTO. The three I have chosen to post were all found in similar circumstances by members of the public. It is always worth checking any dead wild bird to see if it is ringed. For more information on how to report finding a ringed bird visit the BTO website by clicking here.

The first recovery is of a Waxwing ringed in the garden that was reported from Huddersfield. Unfortunately it was found dead having hit a window; a not uncommon fate amongst Waxwings that are found dead by members of the public. Whilst it hadn't gone far it still adds to the information on the timing of return migration. 

Waxwing     BV05885   5M   (map)
02/03/2013    Orrell, Wigan, Greater Manchester
02/05/2013    Huddersfield, West Yorkshire
Finding circumstances: Freshly dead, hit window
Duration: 62 days    Distance: 60 km    Direction: 78deg (ENE)

View BV05885 Waxwing in a larger map

The furthest recovery in this particular batch was of a Siskin to the Highland region. This is the second recovery of a Siskin in northern Scotland from the birds ringed in the garden in early spring. This bird was also found dead and was thought to be a window casualty by the finder.

Siskin     D277767   6F   (map)
30/03/2013    Orrell, Wigan, Greater Manchester
23/05/2013    Tain, Highland
Finding circumstances: Freshly dead, probably hit window
Duration: 54 days    Distance: 385 km    Direction: 348deg (NNW)

View D277767 Siskin in a larger map

Another window related recovery was of a Greenfinch found in Leyland. This bird was more fortunate than the previous two birds and was only stunned; it was subsequently released by the finder. This recovery hasn't been mapped as Google Maps started to play up on me.

Greenfinch    TJ67509   3F
20/09/2011    Longshaw, near Orrell, Greater Manchester
16/05/2013    Leyland, Lancashire
Finding circumstances: Hit window, stunned then released
Duration: 594 days    Distance: 21 km    Direction: 357deg (N)

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