Monday, 23 February 2015

Recent recoveries

It has been a while since I posted details of any recoveries but the three I received today are of particular interest. All three birds were ringed on Billinge Hill and were subsequently recovered abroad.

Redwing RS60485 was ringed on 17/10/14 during the first big wave of arrivals last autumn and was recovered (shot) in FiteroNavarra, northern Spain 44 days later on 30/11/2014, 1272 km S . All the Redwings that moved over Billinge in the autumn carried on south and were not just arriving to winter in the UK as this recovery shows.

Blackcap Z219583 was ringed on 23/07/2014 and had probably hatched locally as it was still in juvenile plumage when ringed. It was controlled (recaptured by ringers) in Fonte da BenemolaFaro, Portugal on 01/11/2014 and was sexed as a male when recaught. A movement of 1856 km SSW in 98 days.

Chiffchaff HNN757 was ringed on 31/08/2014 and was controlled (recaptured by ringers) in Trunvel, TreogatFinistère, France on 13th October 2014, a distance of 635 km SSW in 43 days. This bird was probably still on passage when recaptured in France and may have continued further south to winter in Spain or Portugal.


The Waxwing is still visiting the garden and I have created a separate page to display the most recent photographs. This page can be accessed via the 'Waxwing 2015' tab under the header and the blog posts like this one are now on the 'Home' page. I will try and update the Waxwing page each day but she may still feature in the regular posts from time to time, assuming she stays for a while yet.

Waxwing 23/02/15

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