Friday, 4 March 2016

Song Thrush recovery.

I recently received a recovery report for a Song Thrush that was ringed at Billinge last October and recovered in southern Portugal earlier this year.

RL87302      Song Thrush

Ringed         12/10/2015    Billinge Hill, Billinge, Merseyside.
Recovered   07/01/2016    Cuba, Alentejo, Beja, Portugal, 1749km SSW, duration 87 days.

The finding circumstances were reported as: 'freshly dead - hunted' which is not an uncommon fate for this species in southern Europe where such hunting is still common place. On the positive side the hunter was clearly interested enough in their quarry to report that it was ringed and has provided valuable information on the movement, timing and cause of death which ultimately can be used for conservation purposes.

This was one of six Song Thrush ringed at Billinge on 12th October 2015 and one of 20+ recorded passing through the site that morning. It was also one of 77 ringed at the site over the autumn with the monthly ringing totals being 2 in September, 70 in October and 5 in November. Peak movements were in early to mid October with 50 being ringed within the fairly narrow period of 8th to 16th October which coincided with the first main influxes of Redwings. Many were continental birds and could be identified by being more olive-grey compared to our more yellowish and warm brown toned British race, although this particular bird wasn't identified as to race.

One of the six Song Thrushes ringed Billinge Hill 12/10/15 but not the bird that was recovered in Portugal.

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