Tuesday, 24 December 2013

24/12/13 Feeding Goldfinches benefit a Goldcrest

I can't wait for the weather to improve so I can get a net up in the garden and do some ringing. The garden has been buzzing with birds and today has been no exception with at least 40 Goldfinches coming to the feeders. Looking at the weather forecast the first ringing opportunity may be in the morning and that would be a really good Christmas present for me, I just hope the wind drops off enough.


I have 10 feeders in the garden and 8 of these are filled with sunflower hearts. Whilst watching the Goldfinches I noticed a Goldcrest  kept coming to feed in the branches just below them.  It seemed to be picking up tiny fragments of sunflower hearts that the Goldfinches dropped and had landed on the branches below. At one point it even took fragments from one of the feeders. I am fairly confident that this was what it was feeding on as I didn't see it feeding in any of the branches above the feeders. Also the Goldcrest only appeared each time there was a large group of Goldfinches feeding.

A flock of Long-tailed Tits has also taken to feeding on the sunflower hearts from time to time and will be the subject of a separate post. There was only one Siskin at the feeders today and that was a cracking male. A few Starlings also came to feed on the fat cakes and one showed its best side for the camera.

A stunning male Starling showing how colourful they really are.

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