Sunday, 29 December 2013

Angry birds part 1

Well another Christmas is out of the way although we are not quite out of the silly hat and fancy dress season yet. The dogs have enjoyed plenty of tasty scraps but may have had mixed feelings about wearing scarves and antlers. I did manage to fit in a couple of very brief ringing sessions in the garden on Christmas Day and Boxing Day and caught 10 new birds and 7 retraps, most of which were Goldfinches.

Yes, his favourite toy is a pink sheep.

It has been too windy or showery to consider any ringing since but I have pointed a camera at the feeders now and again. Results have been mixed but interesting nevertheless. I now know I want to buy a new camera as I am fed up with struggling in low light and missing interesting shots or getting poor results. The best photo opportunities always seem to turn up when the light is not on your side so an upgrade in that department is required. I am not bothered about any other bells or whistles just some improved low light capability.

What has this to do with angry birds you may be thinking and Goldfinches is the answer. I don't know why but they seem to squabble over one particular feeder in particular and even when other feeders are available. I haven't captured this as I would like as the action is so fast but some of the following shots give you a flavour. It is largely a case of point, press and hope.

Other feeders were available and underused but this one is favourite.
They squabble over it when it is full and not just when it is half empty.

Goldfinch kiss.

Other feeders were available !!!
A by-product of watching the feeders has been seeing the Blackbirds get hooked on sunflower hearts. Up to nine now feed on the fallout from the feeders on the lawn and one has even taken to eating sunflower hearts from one of the feeders direct.

Blackbird feeding on sunflower hearts.
I am not sure if I will be able to get any more ringing in before the New Year but I will give it a go if I get half a chance.

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