Saturday, 31 January 2015

Cormorant conclusion.

I could see the Cormorant sat on the same fishing peg from the garden this morning so I wandered over to have another look at it. It was lying down just as it had been the other day and it allowed me to get just as close. It seemed to be fine although you wouldn't think so looking at what it had just parted with from its rear end but then Cormorants can crap for England or whatever country they come from.

Back in what seems to be its usual, if now messy, spot
I left the Cormorant sat on its fishing peg and had a quick walk up to the reserve to see if the Water Rail was showing but I didn't even get a glimpse of it this time. It wasn't a waste of time though as a Song Thrush landed on a post in front of me and I managed to get a half decent shot before someones dog hurtled past me and flushed it. Grrrr!

Song Thrush
As the park was getting quite busy I decided it wasn't worth hanging around so I headed back home. On the way back the Cormorant was still there but the sun had come out and it was now stood and drying out its wings. Again it allowed me to get within a few metres of it and I have to conclude that it is just an exceptionally confiding individual. This is a very risky strategy for a species that is so unpopular with anglers but as it appears to be a 3rd winter bird it is a strategy that has worked for it so far.

I am no expert but the pattern of arrested moult on this bird suggests it is in its 3rd winter.

Good light and a close view reveal the bronze sheen of the coverts and mantle.

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