Friday, 5 April 2013

Waxwing lyrical part 25 - more coming than going

What an interesting few days it has been since my last post. A different colour-ringed bird was found in the flock. This bird had a black over a white colour ring on the left leg and a BTO metal ring on the right leg and would have been noticed had it been present sooner. This confirms that new birds are joining the flock all the time. I have just received the ringing details for this bird and it was ringed in Kincorth, Aberdeen on 16/11/12 and was one of the early birds to arrive there. Thank you to Raymond Duncan from Grampian ringing group for the information.

New kid on the block.

New kid on the block.
This bird was also photographed by a couple of birders who very kindly brought me some apples. Ric and Stephen had travelled from the other side of Manchester by public transport to see these birds and were well rewarded for their efforts. Ric had a rucksack full of apples which the Waxwings have already enjoyed such is the quantity they are eating. The birds frequently showed well in large numbers and when a Sparrowhawk did flush them they were kept occupied with the Bramblings and other birds at the feeding station in the park across the road.

The flush, or a very small part of it.

Male Sparrowhawk through the trees and cause of all the trouble.
My blog photos are taken in the time period described as I want to
illustrate the period as seen rather than show a stock shot.
I blogged too soon when I said I thought numbers had peaked in my last post. There were 120+ on Wednesday morning but there could have been quite a few more. There were at least that many the same evening and more apples were eaten than on any  other day. Yesterday morning started off in similar vein and it was a good job that I had doubled up the apples on most of the branch pegs that I use.

The birds flushed at one point before I went to work and I grabbed a great photo of a large part of the flock sitting in a birch tree. There are at least 120 birds in one photo whether you believe it or not and there were at least 30 other birds sat in other trees so this represents a new peak of 150+
A few of the many yesterday morning.

Most of the many yesterday.
There are at least 120  birds in this shot, oh yes there are.
I have decided that they will leave in their own good time whatever it costs now. I am in too deep to give up or draw back despite the cost. This was helped by a good supply of apples and pears from Sainsbury's today although I did buy and additional 10kg as back-up.

I couldn't resist including this long staying individual. 6 weeks+ and counting.
And everyone a stunner and this adult male certainly is.

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