Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Lesser Redpoll recoveries

A couple of recovery reports for Lesser Redpolls came through today. The first shown is particularly interesting as it involved a bird that was ringed as a juvenile in Pembrokeshire back in August 2013 so is likely to have hatched in that part of the world. It was recaptured by a ringer in East Sussex in October 2013 and not heard of again until it turned up in a net at Billinge last Saturday.

Y415223                     Lesser Redpoll
Ringed as a juvenile   10/08/2013  Ty Rhyg, Rosebush, Pembrokeshire.
Caught by ringer         29/10/2013  Litlington, East Sussex.      368 km ESE
Caught by ringer         25/03/2017  Billinge Hill, Merseyside.     227 km NE (from Ty Rhyg)

The second recovery involved a bird ringed at Billinge during the big irruption of autumn 2015, so is likely to have originated from further north in England or Scotland, and was caught by a ringer in Suffolk earlier this month.

Z854359                      Lesser Redpoll
Ringed as a 1Y male   23/09/2015  Billinge Hill, Merseyside.
Caught by ringer          14/03/2017  Culford School, Suffolk.     264 km ESE,

A recovery report for a Siskin and a Robin were in the same batch but they, along with a couple of controls that are in the pipeline, will be the subject of another post.

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