Monday, 20 March 2017

Mirror mirror on the car....

.....who's the most dominant Dunnock by far. It was a wet and miserable for much of this morning but that didn't put a damper on the antics of one of the garden Dunnocks. I glanced out of the kitchen window while making a brew and noticed one was attacking its reflection in the car wing mirror. I ran for the camera but when I got back to the window it wasn't there and I thought that was that but, luckily, it came back after a few minutes and I managed to get a few shots.

Looking out for trouble prior to an attack.

The garden Dunnocks have been frisky for a while now and can often be seen going around in twos and threes and displaying by waving their wings at each other or chasing each other around but I have never seen one attacking its reflection before. Given the angle of the wing mirrors it is hard to understand how it got into a position to see its reflection in the first place and what made it more interesting was that it also went round to the other side of the car and attacked its reflection in the other wing mirror too. It only stopped this behaviour when another Dunnock appeared and it chased after that bird. I will keep a look out from time to time over the next few days to see if it engages in this behaviour again and if it does I will have to get into the habit of closing in the wing mirrors.

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