Sunday, 13 May 2012

Blackcap Weekend

Went to Haigh Hall yesterday and today for a few hours and managed to catch a few birds. Yesterday was mainly spent cutting back along some net rides after carefully checking that there were no nests but I did have a couple of nets up for a while.

A bit more effort was put into ringing today with Blackcaps being the main target. One of  the male Blackcaps caught had a largely brown cap that was just flecked with black. I haven't caught a spring male with such a brown cap before.

male Blackcap (Sylivia atricapilla)
male Blackcap (Sylivia atricapilla)
 Also ringed a few birds in the garden over the weekend including the first juveniles of House Sparrow and Starling.

Weekend Ringing totals:

Haigh Hall
Blackcap  10
Willow Warbler  1 (1)
Chiffchaff  2
Long-tailed Tit  2 (1)
Goldcrest  1
Blue Tit  1
Bullfinch  1
Blackbird  2
Robin  1
Total  21 (+2 retraps)

Starling  3
House Sparrow  1
Robin 1
Total 5

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