Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Recent Recoveries

We have not received any recoveries for a while but a batch was received today. Most of the recoveries involved local or short distance movements of Swallows and Goldfinches but the pick of the bunch were a Chiffchaff from Longshaw (08/09/12) which was controlled at Farlington Marsh, Portsmouth (07/10/12) and an Oystercatcher ringed as a chick near Warrington (31/05/08) and controlled at Newport, Pembrokeshire (14/10/12).

All the movements involved birds that had been caught elsewhere by other ringers or were birds we had caught that had been ringed elsewhere and a few were birds that had moved between our ringing sites.

Chiffchaff EJB152

View EJB152 Chiffchaff in a larger map

Oystercatcher FB00332

View FB00332 Oystercatcher in a larger map

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