Sunday, 22 November 2020

Conifer loving Moorhen

The Moorhen has been a regular in the garden all week and its favourite hiding spot is high up in a fairly tall, dense conifer (highlighted by the red box and arrow in the image below). It sits up there for long periods in between bouts of feeding. 

It is not easy to see when it keeps still.

Every now and again it decides to come down for a feed.

Moorhen in conifer, © P J Alker

Getting ready to launch.

And then it goes for it.

It seems quite at home strutting across the lawn and it happily stands its ground against the feral pigeons that visit the garden.

It does appear to be resident in the garden as there haven't been any sightings to suggest that it commutes between the garden and the lakes in the park across the road. It has adapted to the garden habitat and happily struts about on the privet hedge and drinks drops of water from their leaves when it is raining. It occasionally takes cover in the dense yew hedge but its favourite resting spot is up in the conifer or Lawson Cypress to be precise.

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