Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Quick update

I was back in work on Tuesday so don't have much to report but family members have been keeping an eye on things in the garden. The Waxwings are still visiting or at least 3 were all day yesterday and up to 5 today. A female Blackcap was seen this afternoon which is the first for a good while and probably the 5th Blackcap in the garden so far this winter.

I found a berry laden cotoneaster on my way home tonight so I stopped to prune off some branches to add to the apples I have been providing. Earlier this evening I spent half an hour or so up a ladder in the dark tying the berries to the tree and impaling apples on small branches in the front garden. I got some very strange looks from passersby while making this Waxwing fruit cocktail.

Over 20 Siskins were in the garden before I went to work this morning and I noticed one was ringed on the left leg so will have been ringed elsewhere as I always ring birds on the right leg. I hope it hangs around until weekend so I get a chance to try and catch it and find out where it was ringed.

I noticed the first few sprays of Blackthorn flowers today, presumably stimulated by the glorious sunny weather yesterday. Yesterday's sunshine also produced a stunning sunset over Pennington Flash which I just managed to catch the tail end of.

Pennington Flash 19th February 2013.

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