Saturday, 14 February 2015

Waxwing lyrical part 42 - Billie no mates.

Is there only one?  Is it on its own? Why is it on its own? Isn't it unusual for it to be on its own? - these questions and variations of them have been asked frequently by visiting birders over the last week. It may be on its own in terms of other Waxwings but it has been attracting a good number of birders and photographers since I put the news out last Monday. There has been a steady trickle of birders through the week and around 100 people in total have been to see it today.

Luckily my neighbours don't mind and most visiting birders have shown due consideration. The main issue is parking and a few haven't heeded or perhaps been aware of the requests to use the nearby car park and have parked in the street. This causes far more problems than they seem to realise and the situation becomes compounded when passing traffic slows to see what all the fuss is about. If you happen to be reading this and are thinking about visiting then please use the nearby car park, it is only 50 metres away, and do not park in the street. My garden is near a junction that is difficult enough to see out of without parked cars and pavements full of birders.

The only other issue is photographers being just a bit too keen to get a good photo. I am sorry the house is in the background and twigs may be in the way but please don't be tempted to creep up the garden path or walk up the drive at the side of the garden; it does get noticed as some were informed today. I am expecting it to be even busier tomorrow as so many people still seem to be slaves to routine, sporting fixtures and the Saturday shop. You are all welcome and I hope the bird shows for you but please don't push it when it comes to taking photographs. If you do you may just appear on this blog as we (me and the family) spend as much time people watching as we do watching the bird. We don't mind being in the proverbial Goldfish bowl but we do get to look out from it.

Anyway back to the bird and she has shown quite well today (holding back from calling her Billie and saying she sounds wrong too). There was a period from late morning through early afternoon when she, it, Billie was much more mobile and spent a lot of time fly-catching. That behaviour is worth seeing in itself and is far more entertaining than just watching it eat apples. You have a chance of seeing the bird anytime between about 07:30 and 16:00 based on today's performance.

I do like apples and recognisable twigs in my photos as I want to show that it is in my garden and not just a portrait of a Waxwing that could have been taken anywhere.

.............and here is a bit of video on You Tube

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